The Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer

159,95 incl. Tax

Designed and made in Germany

The Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer


ø 58.5 mm

Ergonomic handle Height-adjustable tamper surface

The contact surface can only be tamped straight
Increased reproducibility of the result
Flat version available
Tamper base continuously adjustable
The suction problem is reduced by the new tamper base shape
Different colors and materials
Optional DLC coating

Made in Germany



If the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer is set correctly, the tampering process is very easy. Due to the portafilter support, it is almost impossible to tamp at an angle and the pressure exerted is always identical. The reproducibility increases and any difficulties with tamping are a thing of the past.


The professionals are also enjoy the Mahlgut Buzzer and Dozer.
For example, the German barista champion Erna Tosberg from the Röstbar Münster competed at the World Barista Championship 2016 in Dublin with a Mahlgut dozer and buzzer and achieved full points in the Tampern category.



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