REG BARBER – PURPLE TAMPER – ø 58 mm full set

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Made in Canada

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Whether you are a professional café barista or a professional home barista, this coffee tamper from the REG Barber brand will send a clear message; someone is about to enjoy an epic cup of coffee.



This high-quality RG tamper is made on a CNC lathe with high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. The extra durable handle is finished with an electrostatically applied coat of dry powder paint and then heat cured to create the smooth satin finish. A powder coating was specifically chosen here because it is stronger than conventional paint properties.

Make sure your wrist is perfectly straight and your elbow is bent about 90 ° when you push the rammer down. Do not force the pressure until the rammer is exactly in place or you will end up with uneven compression and uneven extraction.

Characteristics: Made in Canada.

Curved stainless steel base with large ripples Aluminum tamper PURPLE powder coated handle “this is a full set. ø 58 mm

Reg Barber Enterprises Inc. is probably the best known and most exclusive brand for tampers in the world.

The company is based in Vancouver Island, Canada and has been making handcrafted coffee tampers since 1995.
Reg Barber has set a standard of excellence for espresso tampers.

Despite the fact that fresh coffee beans and a good grind are the most important aspects for an exceptional espresso, it remains important to have the right “tools” to suit the person preparing the coffee.

Espresso tampers are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs which makes it possible to literally adjust the tamper to your own liking!

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