Mahlgut Dozer ø 58,5 mm

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The Mahlgut Dozer

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  • consistent results
  • reduced channeling
  • ergonomic handle
  • adjustable Dozer area
  • increased repeatability
  • Dozer surface continuously adjustable
  • better base design against possible vacuum
  • treated surface repeatedly and particularly smooth
  • 100 % Made in Germany


The Mahlgut Dozer was designed to spread coffee grounds evenly in the filter holder before compression.

Reduced channeling and more reproducible coverings are the result.
Spreading the coffee grounds with the finger or tapping with or on the filter holder is no longer necessary.
The Mahlgut Dozer originated at the request of many satisfied Mahlgut Tamper customers who wanted a coffee tool of this sort, with a simple and quick adjusting mechanism and an ergonomic operation, similar to the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer.


The Mahgut Dozer is very quickly integrated into the daily coffee routine. Whether you’re a professional or a coffee enthusiast. A few little turns are enough and the coffee grounds are perfectly prepared in the filter holder. Repeatability increases and potential problems from channeling are a thing of the past.





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