8 x Burundi Roasted 100% Arabica – 1000 Gram

207,20 incl. Tax

Single origin
AA grade.


The Coffee bean from Burundi has a spicy / dark coffee taste with a very nice thick crema layer.

A coffee with a clean taste with a balanced body. These coffee beans grow in western Burundi on volcanic soils, near the Congo border. Burundi is also called “The heart of East Africa and makes very good coffees. Because Burundi has been very uneasy about conflicts and wars in recent decades, the coffee farmer and the development of good coffee have come about slowly but steadily, but are now on the rise. Because of the good quality bean and the intense taste and good crema layer, the Burundi coffee bean is a welcome bean in the East Africa coffee varieties.

Highly recommended for the intense coffee taster.


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