Kilimanjaro KilicoffeeEcocraft Mninga tampers and other coffee related products

Stanley Samuel representative and founder of Kilimanjaro coffee eco and brings his concept of ‘keep farmers to laugh’ an idea , of the desire to bring back the smile and enthusiasm of the coffee farmer in a way that is in line with the value of what the farmer does and how hard he works

If a coffee farmer is satisfied with his product, you also see happiness in owning the product (coffee)

Kilimanjaro KilicoffeeEcocraft has spelled out some of its goals in terms of time and capacity, things like;

• For the year 2018/2019, we were able to distribute a total of 2000 coffee seedlings to five (5) farmers, as part of the pilot in the newly introduced seedlings.We will now continue with 30 other farmers for 2020/2021
• By the end of 2020 we were able to convince 15 families to invest more in coffee and so awareness is huge now that we have 20 permanent farmers, the goal is to start at least 1000 farmers by 2025
• Started a strategy to set up a coffee washing station and the area will be equipped with a pulper machine and other services. wants to help in a B2B collaboration strategy
For now we have had a number of tampers come to the Netherlands and they are now for sale on the website.

Every tamper sold here contributes to Kilicoffeecocraft’s goals.With every Tamper order TSH 5000 / – (1.80 €) goes to this farmers collective
We do this to find a sustainable and quality driven market for Kilimanjaro KilicoffeeEcocraft’s products, as they can certainly supply good coffee and coffee products

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